About Aromaceuticals

AboutOur essential oils and hydrolats come from artisan distillers who own or work with family farms and small farming cooperatives. Most Aromaceuticals products are organic or biodynamic, and are sourced from producers who have a firm commitment to protecting the environment while supporting local people, many in impoverished areas. All products are of the finest quality we have been able to source. It’s more than a matter of pride. The fact is that few distillers create essential oils that can deliver genuine therapeutic quality, and we want our customers to enjoy the full effect of these healing oils.

In a confusing and often misleading market, we believe it’s important to provide complete information about our products. That’s why every Aromaceuticals essential oil carries its proper Latin binomial name, country of origin, and chemotype or subspecies, where applicable. We will supply a certificate of analysis with the purchase of any essential oil on request. You’ll also find useful tips on aromatherapy throughout our website, as well as specific information regarding certifying bodies for environmentally responsible products. 

Registered clinical aromatherapist Katharine Koeppen, RA, launched Aromaceuticals to counter her own frustration at trying to find dependably therapeutic products. Her growing company maintains a strong commitment to educating others about the benefits of aromatherapy.